method of sending packages

  • Fill in the Customer Data at Request a Quote.
    Be aware, that you fill in all data of the recipient of the packages.
    Please note that not all products are allowed, see our Terms and Conditions.

  • The Customer Data is reviewed. If everything is correct, we will prepare a quotation and send it to you by email.

  • You reply on the email and let us know if you agree or not.

  • If you agree, you must ensure that your package(s) will be brought to our warehouse.

  • Your package(s) will be measured and weighed. The content is also checked.

  • With the results, we create an invoice and send it to you, along with payment instructions.

  • After you have paid, your package(s) will be shipped with first possible freight.

Due to regulations of Indonesian and/or Dutch customs, not all products are allowed to be shipped:

  • food & beverages; only allowed if:

    • it has a shelf life of more than six months from date of shipment

    • it is packed in original, sealed, manufacturer’s packaging

    • the packaging is provided with information about all ingredients

  • food & beverages; not allowed are:

    • fresh vegetables

    • fresh meat

    • fresh fish, squid and shrimps; including in salted or dried form

    • milk and products containing milk (like chocolate, cheese, margarine (Blue Band), cereal preparations, biscuits)

    • products containing alcohol

    • perishable foods

    • living animals

  • valuable products; not allowed are:

    • cigarettes

    • medicines and drugs

    • cash money in any currency

    • cash cheques; cash vouchers

    • securities; personal documents (like ID cards, passports, certificates)

    • silver or gold products

    • precious stones, jewelries etc.

    • artworks

  • dangerous goods; not allowed are:

    • products containing liquid and/or explosive chemicals

    • batteries and products/equipment containing batteries (like mobile phones, games)

    • charcoal

    • weapons, firearms, explosives

    • products which are flammable (like paint, turpentine, spirits)

  • other products; not allowed are:

    • all products which can violate decency

    • unprocessed wood (like rattan sticks (tongkat rotan))

    • coconut shells

It is possible to send your goods by pallets.
Standard size of pallets is 120 x 80 cm. Maximum weight is 700 kg.

*) In case you do not have your own pallet; we will stack a pallet with your boxes. The surcharge for this service is € 15,00.

actual freights

  • SEA-018 is is released by Customs and will be resend soon

  • SEA-019 is on its way to the Netherlands

  • SEA-020 is opened at August 23
    closing date is September 15

The address of our Warehouse is:

PT LaVaCo Logistik Indonesia

Green Sedayu Bizpark Blok GS 9a/06 RT.11/RW.6,
Cakung Timur, Kec. Cakung, Kota Jakarta Timur,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13910, Indonesia