LaVaCo Logistics is a family business. The name consists of the first two letters of the names of the daughters (Latiefa and Varla) of the founders.

In 2013, the Bakker family started Bakker Handicrafts. A company in the Netherlands that imports and sells authentic handmade items from Indonesia to customers throughout Europe.

Because the selling price depends to a large extent on the transport costs, the cheapest method has been found to be able to offer the items at an attractive price.

The cheapest method turned out to be the self-organizing container transport (by sea). This  method also turned out to be the fastest.

Because there was demand from family, acquaintances and relations to transport their packages in this way, an independent company was started for this purpose.

In 2018, LaVaCo Logistics is registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Since mid-2018, LaVaCo Logistics has been providing Sea Freight transports from Indonesia to customers throughout Europe.

In order to meet customer demand, a faster transport method (Air Freight) is also possible at LaVaCo Logistics since the end of 2018.

When the goods have arrived in the Netherlands, LaVaCo Logistics will ensure that the packages are delivered to the customer's home address.


There are customers who choose to pick up their packages.

Other customers would like the packages to be sent to their home address in the cheapest possible way.

The cheapest method is calculated for each package individually.

This is often by post (e.g. PostNL, DHL or DpD). The customer can choose whether a package is sent insured.

Sometimes groupage transport is the cheapest way. Often with a larger number and/or heavy packages.

It also happens that LaVaCo Logistics brings the packages to the customer's door.

The core task of LaVaCo Logistics is to transport packages by sea or by air.

It also happens that other applications come in.

Examples are complete removals; but also the purchase and disposal of goods to exchanges; and storage of (the remaining) goods.

Every request is taken seriously by LaVaCo Logistics.